Dear Mr. Cobo,

This letter is on behalf of Ms. Maggie Resnick, who was my realtor for a property I owned in Richmond, CA. In July, 2004, I contacted Ms. Resnick about selling my condo. Our first meeting set the stage for a most pleasant and professional relationship, from start to finish. She came to see the property, but it was obvious that she was most interest in first establishing a rapport with me before “getting a sale.” She placed my interests first by getting to know me, and fully accommodated my desires, priorities, and personal schedule.

When it was time to get to business, she drew up a plan, with dates and goals and action items that we each needed to accomplish. This helped me immensely to stay on track with our established goal of selling the condo by September. As is often the case, there were moments of uncertainty about selling the condo. Ms. Resnick, being sensitive to this, quickly changed roles, becoming my counselor, vs. my realtor, giving me the reassurance I needed. This, she did with a natural ease that only a good-hearted person could do. During the open house, she took that extra step to bring small bouquets of flowers from her garden to give the house a warm touch. It was obvious that Ms. Resnick’s primary goal was to take the pressure off of me during this entire process.

The crowning touch occurred in the end, when she was able to settle on a price for the property that was $30,000 over asking price, resulting in the highest price a condo had ever sold for in that neighborhood, to date!

I am exceedingly very grateful to Ms. Resnick for all of her efforts, her personal integrity, and professional pride. She is most professional and delightful. Please convey my sincere thanks to her for a job well done!


Veronique Dillon


To Whom It May Concern:

Selling our house was a difficult thing to do, as we had lived there for over 20 years – it brought up many memories. We interviewed three agents. What stood out most about Maggie was that she came prepared and most importantly, was personable and easy to talk to. We would like to recognize the commitment and understanding that Maggie has shown us in the selling of our home. She was equally dedicated in helping us find a wonderful condo replacement.

Her great people skills and patience helped guide us through the many steps involved in the selling of property — setting up the initial pest inspection, creating a time line for us to work with, and establishing a fair market value for our home. Her active part in the staging of the open house presentation was not expected but greatly appreciated. She provided not only her contacts to help us with the “curb appeal,” but was there physically for us, to lend a hand. We both are retired and without Maggie and my kids help, we could not have accomplished all that we did. Her great service and long hours were contributing factors in the selling of our house. Our experience was positive and we would like to highly recommend Maggie to anyone interested in the purchase or the selling of his or her home. We will definitely recommend her to our friends. Thank you so much for making this a more pleasant experience, Maggie; great successes and best wishes.

Thank you,

Raul and Elsa Chinchilla


I am writing this letter on behalf of Maggie Resnick. My wife and I were fortunate enough to have Maggie list our home about six months ago. Our situation was a stressful one because we needed to sell our home quickly in order to purchase a new home. Maggie was able to coordinate all aspects of the complicated transaction; she eased our minds by always being available to answer any questions that we had, and was very organized and detail-oriented. She held several open houses and put a great deal of effort into the presentation. I remember her bringing fresh flowers from her garden and baking cookies for the open houses. Her ability to present our property to her colleagues enabled us to get multiple offers, several back-up offers, and we were able to get a price above our asking price. We highly recommend her as a realtor and we intend on using her for any of our future needs.


Enrique and Kathryn Covarrubias


To Whom it May Concern,

My husband and I credit the fact that we own our home today to Maggie Resnick. She is an amazing woman who went far above and beyond what most people could, or would, have been able to do to ensure we were able to purchase our home.

To start, Maggie took extra time to get to know us as a family and find out not just what we were looking for in a home, but in a neighborhood as well. She was able to outline for us the differences between the neighborhoods in which we were originally looking before we met her, and help us better understand the subtleties of each.

We also, I had thought, had financing in place when we met Maggie. I thought I had been very careful in getting pre-approved for a specified loan amount before we began our home search. In fact the company I was using was not very reputable and whether or not we were actually pre-approved was uncertain as well. Were Maggie not able to recognize this immediately, I doubt our loan would have funded in the specified time frame, if at all. Maggie, through her vast resources, was able to match us up very quickly with a great broker who got us, I believe, the best deal possible.

Once Maggie presented our offer and got it accepted for us, she then arranged for our home inspection with another associate of hers whose expertise proved not only invaluable, but potentially life-saving.

It was during the home inspection that a serious structural flaw was discovered, as well as some electrical repairs and upgrading which needed to be done immediately. Both were categorized as life safety issues. Maggie was able to negotiate both issues be taken care of as part of the purchase agreement prior to close, or we would not have closed or have been able to obtain hazard insurance. She also was able to get Howard Cook, who is recognized as the premier expert (not only in the Bay Area, but in the state of California) when it comes to seismic upgrading, to perform a complete retrofit on the foundation of the house we were purchasing. When I called him myself I could not even get him to return my calls, but somehow Maggie was able to get him out to the house in a matter of days, and then convinced him he could fit the job into his very busy schedule.

Any one of these issues could have proven too much for many people, but Maggie handled each with great care and efficiency, and was able to get us into our home. Again, were it not for her incredible negotiating skills, amazing resources, winning personality, and A LOT of hand holding with us, we would not be in our home today. I recommend her highly and without reservation. Anyone who is able to get Maggie to work for them should consider themselves very lucky.

Jessica Lefebvre


Dear Maggie,

I just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic job you did selling my home in Albany. You were an absolute joy to work with and your crew of cleaners, painters, landscaper, and stager made my house sparkle like it never had before. (At $100,000+ over asking we got for it, thanks to your pricing strategy and knowledge of the local market, it was a little easier to part with than I had feared!)

Your advice regarding the budget for make-ready was invaluable. There was no way I would have known what things really needed to be done and what things weren’t worth spending the money on prior to sale without your expertise.

Your landscaper transformed the front and back gardens as your stager did the interior. (The day I was there for a while during one of the open houses, someone came up to me and asked me if I was an artist — based on the way the place was decorated, I assume. While I am not, your stager certainly is.) The painter you recommended was as hard-working as any I’ve seen — he showed early, stayed late, did great work, cleaned up after himself, made himself available for additional work as needed, and was not only inexpensive, but friendly and warm-hearted to boot. Having the windows cleaned professionally was something I wouldn’t have thought of myself, and I was surprised what a difference it made in the overall presentation.

When a previously undiagnosed water problem presented itself, you were there within the hour to help evaluate it and strategize, and had a plumber AND a floor refinisher there that afternoon to advise us on what needed to be done. You re-arranged the stager, landscaper, cleaners, advertising, and open house schedule to accommodate the unexpected delay for the repair, prior to putting the home on the market.

All in all, flowers blooming, floors gleaming, the sun shining through the windows, diaphanous curtains wafting in the gentle breeze, it was hard to imagine anyone walking into my house and not wanting to make an offer. Apparently multiple people felt the same way!

Thanks again for making it happen.

Joel Koosed
1016 Talbot Avenue, Albany CA 94706
August 7, 2007